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Driver CPC Cambridge

What is Driver CPC?

The Driver CPC qualification is now a requirement for professional drivers, if you operate a lorry, bus or coach. Essentially, Driver CPC is a set of standards applied to all professional drivers and ensures that drivers continue their education. It is a set of standards set by the European Union to ensure that all professional drivers of large vehicles are both competent and adequately skilled for the job.

CPC stands for certificate of professional competence. Because CPC is an acronym used by other industries for different things, the haulage and logistics sector tend to refer to the qualification as Driver CPC.

What if I’m a new driver?

All new drivers seeking to be a professional driver of a Category C or Category D vehicle must complete a full training programme that includes the initial CPC training. Along with the initial Driver CPC training, the new driver must also complete a practical and theory test. This entire process is referred to as the initial Driver CPC qualification.

Individuals without this qualification cannot get a full commercial driving license without this initial Driver CPC qualification. Get in touch if you need to get your Driver CPC in Cambridge. 

How do I get Driver CPC?

New drivers who completed the initial CPC qualification are then given a card to prove that they have the necessary qualifications. The qualifications are valid for five years, and all drivers who are licensed before 2008/2009 were given acquired rights which meant that they had a further five years to complete their Driver CPC training. As of 2015, all professional drivers are required to have a valid CPC card proving that they have completed the required training within the last five years.

Training is required every five years and involves 35 hours work of classroom training.  If you’re based in the Cambridge area, get in touch with us at D&A. Book your training with D&A here.

If you drive an articulated lorries, tipper trucks, bin lorries, heavy construction equipment, and buses or coaches, you will need to be Driver CPC certified. 


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