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Driver Welfare CPC Training

Driver Welfare CPC Training

An essential part of lorry driving is the driver. They’re responsible for transporting vehicles upwards of 44 tonnes, meaning they must be healthy and road-fit. Constantly being on the road, it’s easy to forget about proper dieting, sufficient exercise, and most notably, alcohol or drug consumption.

In the Driver Welfare CPC training, you’ll gain a valuable understanding of the effects of fatigue, diet, exercise, drugs, alcohol, and numerous other external factors about the ability to work effectively while abiding by the law. Those who participate in this lorry driver training can better understand the importance of health, improve their company image, and help enhance peer-to-peer interactions.

Course includes:

  • The importance of drivers welfare (safety)
  • Monitoring physical health (eyesight, smoking, diet, exercise, fatigue)
  • How to ensure optimal concentration
  • Methods of dealing with stress
  • Overcoming and solving complaints
  • Customer care
  • Counter-terrorism
  • Good communication
  • Security and protection

The driver CPC training above is integral to your careers longevity, making it a valuable consideration. In addition, it accounts for seven hours of your required thirty-five.

For more information about this course and other driver training modules, feel free to contact us.

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