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Driver’s hours and Tacho Awareness CPC Training

Driver’s hours and Tacho Awareness CPC Training

The driver’s hours and tacho awareness course is a substantial CPC training module aimed to update you on the UK, EU, and AETR countries regulations. A driver’s wellbeing is considered an essential aspect of the role. Therefore, rules have been implemented that focus on hours-driving, daily/weekly rest, double manning, etc., to guarantee optimal safety for both the driver(s) and other road-users.

After completing this driver training, you’ll be knowledgeable on the rules and regulations that must be abided by lawfully regarding this matter. Therefore, participating in this lorry driver training will reduce the risk of potentially encountering fines, improve overall wellbeing, and decrease the possibilities of accidents occurring that are linked to fatigue.

Course includes:

  • Understanding maximum drive hours rules
  • Tachograph rules on breaks
  • Daily break/rest rules
  • Weekly rest rules
  • Double manning
  • Ensure the driver knows the rules in the UK, EU, and AETR

The course itself is an excellent consideration when searching for driver CPC training. In addition, it accounts for seven hours out of thirty-five required, making it a superb solution.

For further information about the course and its available dates, feel free to contact us.

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