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Fuel-Efficient Driving CPC Training

Fuel-Efficient Driving CPC Training

From an employer perspective, the most critical module that we offer could be the Fuel-Efficient Driving CPC training. As we’re all aware, modern-day lorries aren’t considered the most fuel-friendly vehicles, with most only offering around 8 miles per gallon (MPG). Employers need to implement this driver training to ensure optimal fuel usage to lower overheads and increase profits.

Upon completing this lorry driver training, participants will have a broader understanding of how to employ fuel-efficient practices in their daily driving. By having better knowledge on this subject, it’s known that drivers can deliver fuel economy gains from anywhere upwards of 20%. Therefore, making it a practical module to enrol within.

Course includes:

  • The importance of fuel-efficiency
  • Actions to implement before initially driving that decrease fuel usage
  • Practices that improve fuel efficiency while driving
  • What you should do when you’re back at base

Both employees and employers can gain immense benefits from this driver CPC training course. The duration of this is three and a half hours long. Therefore, it’ll need to be matched with another course to fulfil the required seven hours duration.

For more information about this course, its available dates, or other driver training we offer, feel free to contact us.

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