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Load Safety CPC Training

Load Safety CPC Training

Being a lorry driver, you’ll continuously be loading and unloading cargo. Because of this, selecting the Load Safety CPC training course should be a consideration, especially when you’re new. It isn’t only excellent for your safety and other road users, but there’s an abundance of different regulations you must follow to be road legal and avoid potential prosecution.

Lorry driver training that develops a deeper understanding of this subject is priceless. After this session, you’ll have enough knowledge to ensure adequate loading, transporting, and unloading safety. Doing this lowers risks, making the job environment safer for everybody involved.

Therefore, it’s the perfect opportunity for employers or lorry drivers to enhance their load safety skills and become more risk-averse workers in this sector.

Course includes:

  • Loading-bay management
  • Handling dangerous or toxic goods
  • Forklift health and safety
  • Comprehensive loading and unloading safety considerations
  • Detailed loading and unloading activities/practices
  • Rules and regulations about safe loading

The Load Safety choice is an excellent driver CPC training course that spans over three and a half hours. Because of its duration, it’ll need to be combined with another one of our courses that has the same timeframe to meet the CPC requirements.

For more information about this course, its available dates, or other driver training we offer, feel free to contact us.

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