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Mental Health Awareness CPC Training

Mental Health Awareness CPC Training

Many reading this will have a fundamental understanding of how to act during emergency ride side situations, driver laws, and lorry regulations. However, its infrequent drivers have sufficient knowledge of Mental Health Awareness.

It’s a CPC training course that’s overseen, yet it’s never been more vital than today. Mental health affects many individuals and maybe people you see daily. By enrolling in this, you’ll have greater knowledge of recognising, understanding and responding to issues of this nature.

Throughout the course, the participant will learn how to spot someone suffering from mental health issues, their condition, and when to help. Having this driver training won’t only help others, but also yourself.

Course includes:

  • An introduction to Mental Health Awareness
  • How to identify someone suffering from mental health issues
  • Techniques of approaching them and offering help
  • Methods aimed towards helping them optimally
  • What to do if you’re feeling this way

The Mental Health Awareness driver CPC training is undoubtedly worth considering because it can radically affect somebodies life. It’s a half-day CPC course (three and a half hours), meaning it’ll need to be combined with another training subject that we offer which has the same duration.

For more information about this course, its available dates, or other lorry driver training we offer, feel free to contact us.

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