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Use of Tachographs CPC Training

Use of Tachographs CPC Training

Tachographs, commonly referred to as “tacho”, have been around since the beginning of vehicles but have changed over time. For this reason alone, having a refresher CPC training session that re-discusses the new digitalised or analogue tachographs is mandatory. Although it’s a prevalent feature located in lorries, it’s not unusual for drivers that have never received training in this aspect to misuse them.

After going through the Use of Tachographs driver training, it’ll re-engage vital information that should be known about this lorry feature. By obtaining this knowledge, users can feel more connected with their tachographs, utilising them more than before.

Course includes:

  • Why the tachograph was introduced, and its core abilities
  • Guide to the Vehicle Unit (UV), including on-screen messages and mode selection
  • Time management and logging on/off
  • Mixed tachograph operation and manual entries
  • Video and simulator exercises for optimal memory
  • Tachograph cards (lost, stolen, damaged, or malfunctioning)

The course itself is excellent for new drivers and pre-existing professionals as a refresher. In addition, the driver CPC training is three and a half hours long, meaning it needs to be combined with another course we offer of the same duration.

For more information about this course, its available dates, or other lorry driver training we offer, feel free to contact us.

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